Hi! I'm Chris Impey.

  • Software developer based in London
  • 10+ years development experience across small (inc. start up), medium & large companies
  • Node.js, JavaScript and C# on .NET, and other super cool tech
  • Computer Science degree


To contact me please send me a message on GitHub or email me.

Useful links

Poll Trends Project


An unfinished side project with a Node.js HTTP backend server and simple front end using KnockoutJS. Built on Codeship (I prefer CircleCI these days) and deployed to Heroku (free plan, so slow first load likely!).

UK election poll results are plotted on a graph and displayed against political news stories that could explain the increasing/decreasing popularity of the main political parties. Click on the graph to show news stories from the days leading up to the poll date.

I am currently re-building this in React with a HapiJS API backend.

About this site

This is a very crude static site on github pages, built with hackcss.

The awesome github corner icon (go on, hover over it) is built by some guy called tholman. Good job that guy.